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Your Dog's Favorite Subscription Box!

A Month Supply of Bakery Sourced All-Natural Dog Treats

Boutique Experience, Wholesale Price


How It Works


Receive a box full of all-natural gourmet baked and decorated dog treats sourced from highly

acclaimed artisan bakeries and bakers based in the USA!


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Customize Your Plan

Our subscription plans are tailored around your dog's appetite and dietary restrictions

Choose from:

No Corn, Wheat, or Soy

No Chicken, Beef, or Dairy

Grain free

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Get Ready

We partner with different boutique bakeries and craft bakers who share our same passion for quality and pets. Ensuring a exciting and new experience each month.

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Welcome To The Club

Longevity and the wellness of our pets are what Gourmet Pup Club prioritizes. Your dog would be satisfied with his/her own fully customizable box of gourmet dog treats!

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Wholesomely Great


Gourmet Pup Club is not your dog’s outlet for junk food! As pet parents, we should never feed our pets fattening treats made with harmful ingredients and byproducts. Gourmet Pup Club supports small businesses by sourcing our treats from highly acclaimed USA based bakeries and Etsy bakers. Each treat is made with all-natural ingredients that you recognize and can actually pronounce. We make sure the treats do not contain fillers that have no nutritional value. You will only receive wholesome  dog treats that will responsibly satisfy your pooch!


Pawsitively Unmatched


Satisfaction Guaranteed


Did your dog not like a certain item in our box?

Donate the unwanted item to your local shelter and receive a replacement, free of charge.


100% USA


All of our treats are sources from small business across the USA. 

Never will you receive anything from China.




You will never receive dog treats made anywhere else but in the USA. We pride ourselves on providing you and your pooch treats that you can't find on amazon or your local pet store.


Or, Shop Our Cakes!

Does your dog have a birthday or special event coming up?

Visit our selection of customizable doggy cakes for pet's special day.



"Your Dog's Favorite Subscription Box."