The Motive.

Writing this post because I'm a full time student and I miss my best friend who Is currently hundreds of miles away. This is Chris, a tri-blue beagle who was adopted when I was in the fourth grade, I'm now a junior in college. My father made it my duty to raise Chris as my own dog: walking, feeding, training, etc...Boy let me tell you, Chris raised me more than I raised him! and who would have thought a dog would have such a big role in shaping who I am today. He taught me responsibility; to always have a sense of care no matter the time of day. Even at night during my daily prayer, I would also pray for Chris that nothing bad would happen to him. As a child he showed me unconditional love and that has truly shaped my character as a person and how I treat people around me. I remember as a child hanging outside with the kids in the neighborhood, I would always bring Chris along with me - his leash attached to my bike and we would go place to place for hours on end. Beagles and their barks will keep you up all night, and Chris has a deep and loud voice. With that being said, Chris managed to strengthen my patience - to never be quick in being irritated or frustrated. Chris also taught me how to be sneaky, he would dig for days in our backyard and my father would get mad at that. Every time I saw that Chris dug a hole I would instantly fill it up with dirt and cover it with loose grass. Such sneakiness helped me in ways I rather not say, haha.

I took this picture of Chris in 2011 and he is now 11 years old. I've raised this dog myself as a puppy to now,a senior doggy who still pulls on the leash when he catches a scent. This beagle is my best friend and let me tell you this dog has taught me so much - through my floppy eared friend I can say I am the 19 year old I am today because of my best friend. When I'm a parent, I will adopt a beagle for my child to raise, just as my father did to me. I think I might drive home this weekend just to take him to the beach, i realized as I got older, time tends to move faster. I need to slow down some and put college life on a pause and hang out with my buddy while I still have my boy.

Just recently I incorporated a pet related business and it has been doing very well ( Such success can be credited to Chris, still having that invisible hand influence on my decisions in life just as much as he did when I was a child raising him!


- Ansel Ponce Diama

Ansel Diama