Why Gourmet Pup Club?

Being brought up in a household where our pets were part of the family. I understood the invaluable company that a only 4 legged friend could provide. When you adopt a dog, you accept the dog into the family! The motive behind starting Gourmet Pup Club was due the common headlines I was see on the news that publicized global recalls on mass-produced dog treats. Such treats have caused illness and even death to our family members.

Gourmet Pup Club was founded on the idea that since our dog's are family, we should feed them like family and not put their lives in danger! It is our duty to make sure we deliver artisan crafted dog treats made with all-natural ingredients to further prevent the death and illness of our pets. Gourmet Pup Club is a health conscious subscription service delivering top-quality treats each month. If you were to subscribe to Gourmet Pup Club, you would never have to buy dog treats that are unknown and harmful in ingredients. 

We source our all-natural dog treats from bakers across the nation who share the same goal of providing healthy and nutritious dog treats that do not put the lives our pets in danger. Not only do the treats that we feature are of top-quality and all-natural ingredients, but they are also the yummiest on the market!.

Responsibly satisfy your dog's health and subscribe to Gourmet Pup Club. 

"Your Dog's Favorite Subscription Box"

- Ansel Ponce Diama


Ansel Diama