Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why should I regularly groom and pamper my dog?

A: Grooming and pampering are important - and often overlooked - steps in taking proper care of your furry friend. By regularly grooming and pampering your dog you can avoid or remove matted fur and burrs, check for fleas and ticks, as well detect other skin problems. In addition to making a special bond with your best friend, you'll also be able to stretch the time between visits to the groomer and vet, saving you money. 

Q: How does Gourmet Pup Club ensure my dog is receiving the right products?

A: After intensive research and together with our seasoned vets, we have curated an extensive database that we use to find the best products for your canine friend. After answering a few, but very important, questions about your furry friend, our database will generate a product mix which will be verified by our experts at Gourmet Pup Club before packaged and shipped to you.

Q: What brands do you offer?

A: We provide a variety of brands depending on your dogs needs. The Gourmet Pup Club team will make sure that you will receive the highest quality dog care products for your furry friend.

Q: Why should I choose Gourmet Pup Club?

A: We truly care about the health and joy of our furry friends! We work closely with vets to understand what your dog’s needs are and how to choose the right products for them. 

Q: What is included in each Gourmet Pup Club box?

A: Each monthly box is filled with a mix of high-quality grooming products (shampoos, combs, clippers, etc.), vet-recommended wellness products (dental chews, ear cleaning solution, etc.), toys, and guidance designed to help you keep your dog healthy and clean. 

Q: Why can't I see my profile?

A: We are still working towards building our own website and making everything seamless for our dog lovers. At this point, we are using third party hosting services that don't allow us to show your dog's profile before you complete your purchase. Adding this feature is a top priority for us and we're working diligently on launching it soon. Thank you for your patience.

Q: When will I receive my box each month?

A: Boxes will be shipped out on the 1st and 15th of every month. So, if you place an order on July 6th, your box will be shipped on July 15th. If you order on July 29, your box will be shipped on August 1. After your box has been shipped, you should receive your box within 3-5 business days.

Q: Do I pay for shipping?

A: Nope! Shipping is free for all addresses in the United States.

Q: How can I find my tracking number?

A: As soon as your order has been shipped you will receive an email with your confirmation and tracking number.

Q: Can I pause or cancel my subscription?

A: Definitely! You can pause or cancel your subscription at any time! When you log in to Gourmet Pup Club, go to My Account > Your Subscriptions > Edit and you can skip the next month's renewal or cancel your subscription until you're ready to resubscribe.

Q: Can I cancel a gift I purchased?

A: Sure! Just email us at and you'll receive a notification email from us letting you know that the gift has been canceled.

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