What is Gourmet Pup Club?

Gourmet Pup Club is a monthly health-conscious subscription service that is fully tailored for your dog. The foundations of Gourmet pup club are built on the importance of longevity and wellness of our pets. Each month you will receive a box generously filled with nutritionally wholesome treats. Your dog’s tummy and happiness would be more than satisfied for a whole month! If your dog does not like any one of our products, then you can receive a replacement (free of charge), if and only if you donate the unwanted product to your local pet rescue/ shelter.

What is Inside Each Box?

Gourmet Pup Club is the best way to pamper your pooch, we offer a fully customizable box tailored to your dog’s needs. Each box is filled with boutique quality products at a fraction of the cost! We make sure that the items you receive are not the typical products you will come across at your local pet store. Gourmet Pup Club only partners with unique small businesses and high-quality vendors who are passionate about quality and the wellness of our pets as much as we are!

Does Gourmet Pup club give back?

Gourmet Pup Club is all about community! Whether it be supporting small bakeries or daughter-and-mother run online shops. We stand behind those trying to make a positive impact in the pet industry. Partnering with those who put quality and care before profits.

5% of our monthly profits are donated directly to Tallahassee Big Dog Rescue, a local non-profit organization that does not use the money to fund the greed of top executives!

Can I Cancel My Subscription?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription anytime via the following link. https://app.moonclerk.com/portal/eu3u065q5bv/signin

When does Gourmet Pup Club Ship?

Our birthday boxes and customizable cakes are shipped ASAP, once the order has been placed. Our subscription and gift boxes are shipped on the 20th of each month.

Why Should I Choose Gourmet Pup Club?

Gourmet Pup Club is unlike any other doggy subscription box on the market! We offer an interactive and fully customizable box filled with boutique quality items at a fraction of the cost.

A subscription in Gourmet Pup Club allows you the convenience to not have to go to your local pet store as often. Your dog would receive a month’s supply all-natural dog treats (in moderation).

We are not your pet’s outlet for junk food, all of our treats only contain all-natural and nutritionally wholesome ingredients. You will not receive sample sized dog treats or treats from China, instead your pet will receive hand baked and decorated dog treats that are of human grade quality.

Does Gourmet Pup Club Ship Internationally?

No, Gourmet Pup Club only ships in the USA.






Bakery FAQ

1785 NW 21st Terrace, Miami, FL 33142

Mon. - Fri. 10am - 6pm



What is the shelf life for the treats and how do they need to be stored?

Just like any freshly baked product, the treats have a shelf life. We recommend storing them in their original packaging or a loosely covered container at room temperature for up to a year (they have expiration dates marked on them). The cupcakes and cakes have a much shorter shelf life, they should be fed within a few days of receipt, or refrigerated or frozen. They thaw very well and quickly and instructions are always included with them going over their specific storage requirements.

Are there preservatives in the treats?

There are no preservatives in any of the treats. We bake all our products with the highest quality, wholesome, human-grade ingredients that are healthy for your dog. The way we ensure their shelf life is with moisture, like dehydrated foods or jerky. 

Are all the treats wheat, corn, soy & gluten free?

Yes, every treat, cake, and biscuit we make is wheat, corn, soy & gluten free. They are some of the most common allergens to dogs and completely avoidable. 

Are all the ingredients safe for dogs?

Absolutely. We never use any ingredients that are harmful to dogs. All of our ingredients are carefully selected, that's our promise to you.

How long will it take to get my goodies?

Once your order is placed, we try to have them shipped within 2 business days from the day the order is placed. Shipping times from that point depend upon shipping methods and location. 

What ingredients are used?

We believe that every dog treat should be made with real, wholesome, clean ingredients. That's why we use local, fresh ingredients from the USA and never any preservatives. Every treat we bake is wheat, corn, soy & gluten free (the most common allergens and fillers in commercial dog products) and always baked in small batches in our bakery in NJ. Everything we make is free of chemicals, salt, artificial flavors, colors, fillers and GMO ingredients. Just healthy, simple ingredients go into making our treats. And by the way, the dogs absolutely love them! 


We use organic oat flour and organic brown rice flour in our treats. Besides being wheat-free, they are also gluten-free. No wheat and gluten-free, both wonderful for dogs with allergies, which is more common than not these days. 

Meats & Eggs:

We use only single source proteins in our treats, which include: beef, chicken, turkey, pork, wild-caught salmon and tuna, and cage-free eggs. All our meats are locally sourced, free-range, grass-fed, hormone and antibiotic free. We only use local cage-free eggs as well. We love animals (that includes farm animals) and want only the best quality and most humane meat & eggs being used in our treats. 

Fruits & Veggies:

We use a variety of fruits and vegetables in our treats, all of which contain beneficial nutrient goodness. Our cakes are made with carrots, a rich source of Vitamin A and beta-carotine (an antioxidant). We use pumpkin in our biscuits, and apple in our cake pops, cake bites, and brownies, a fabulous source of fiber and great digestive aid. We use coconut on top of our decorated treats (instead of artificial sprinkles), a wonderful fruit with antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties excellent for so many symptoms. 

Peanut Butter:

We use all natural peanut butter, made locally. That means just 100% ground peanuts, that's it! A rich source of protein, and it's just so tasty to humans and dogs alike.

Yogurt Coating:

All yogurt coatings are hard because of sugar. The ones that are touted as sugar-free contain maltodextrin, which is a corn starch sugar made from GMO corn or another sucrose (i.e. sugar). We've searched for products without to no avail., so we chose to go with the best quality (used for all the finest human foods) yogurt coating we could find that meant containing sugar over maltodextrin or another sucrose. As always, our treats themselves contain no sugar, salt, corn, soy, artificial flavors or colors. This is the best we could source for yogurt coating for what's on the market.
Ingredients: sugar, palm kernel oil, cottonseed oil, nonfat dry milk, milk, glyceryl lacto esters of fatty acids, soy lecithin (an emulsifier), and salt.