Our Recipe!


It is a shame that the dog treat market is often filled with products that are made with fattening, harmful (often fatal), and foreign ingredients! Gourmet Pup Club cares most about the longevity, happiness, and wholesome satisfaction of our pets.

Every treat included in our boxes are baked with ingredients sourced and made in the USA! Never will we include treats made in China, ever. We make sure that our treats are all-natural and grain free. Including ingredients you are familiar with and can actually pronounce!


The employees at Gourmet Pup Club, including our different featured bakers each month all have a passion for our pets and their health! All of us have been positively impacted by our dog(s) in one way or another. 

It is our mission to make sure every pet has access to the yummiest dog treats that will not put a single canine's life in jeopardy. Our best friend's are not here forever, but we'll make sure that they will be with us for a long time.


Each month we are excited to support many small business across the USA by sourcing our treats from the best bakeries. From daughter-and-mother ran Etsy shops to established brick and mortar bakeries, we are always excited to hand select our featured bakers to deliver you premium quality treats.

Nothing gets us more excited than actually shipping out treats that are healthy and yummy enough that will make humans want to eat them. Satisfaction from you and your pet's tummy means the world to us!